Living Lab

In recent years, in the framework of our legume-focused European projects (TRUE, DIVINFOOD, legumES), we have built a network of farmers and other relevant actors (restaurants, chefs, food bloggers, seed traders and breeders, consumer organisations, caterers), that now functions as a Living Lab connecting the actors of the legumes value chain in Hungary. The overall […]


AgriToolKit is a complex sustainability assessment system developed by Agri Kulti with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. By evaluating and making the sustainability performance of small- and mid-scale farms visible, AgriToolKit is providing an opportunity for farmers and agricultural enterprises to monetize their sustainability surplus. AgriToolKit measures the sustainability performance of a […]


Born out of the TRUE project researching legume-based food systems, a cookbook was published in 2021 by the founder of Agri Kulti, Gábor Bertényi and Nóra Nemes. The book’s philosophy is to show ways and recipes towards sustainable gastronomy by displaying 80 plant-, animal- and human-friendly, seasonal recipes plus 13 easy-to-digest scientific chapters to help […]

SYMBIOO has been developed since 2021, aiming to (re)connect sustainably operating small- and mid-scale farms with urban consumers, specifically urban restaurants and their chefs. Based on a ‘Grow on Demand’ system, urban chefs can pre-order vegetables from farmers through a webshop for the next season. The project will solve some of the problems that have […]


As a for-profit flagship project of Agri Kulti, HÁZIKÓ Catering has been operating from 2014 to 2018 as a food manufactory and catering company – using exclusively sourced and certified farm products while ensuring full transparency in the supply chain. The manufactory was accompanied by two Farmbistros in Budapest. In 2015, Agri Kulti’s Házikó model […]


Building on our AgriToolKit sustainability assessment system, Food Track has been developed as an interactive, customer-supported information and quality assurance system for farmers and farm products. A trademark (called “Mit Eszel?”) was registered with the aim of guiding consumers towards sustainable operating farmers. Consumers are also encouraged to visit nearby farms to interact with the […]


Starting from 2017, Agri Kulti has been providing counseling, founding and participatory assistance to create a brand with strong environmental and social commitments right from the beginning. A natural juice- and smoothie factory has been established in rural Hungary – in operation from 2019 – which attempts to reduce the environmental impacts all along the […]


Founded in 2011 by Agri Kulti, Nagymaros Farmers’ Market is a forerunner of the new generation of Hungarian farmers’ markets. It has soon become the reference of many later markets and also a test site of the relevant legislation. Agri Kulti has been nurturing the project till 2013, when the operation was handed to the […]


Founded by Agri Kulti, operating since 2012 in one of the world’s most famous bars in Budapest, the Sunday market in Szimpla represents a new level in linking city and countryside: effective demand could meet quality offer in a spectacular way, with more than 1 million visitors per year. Szimpla Farmers’ Market was awarded by […]


In operation from 2015 to 2018, Házikó Catering managed two Farmbistros in Budapest. The first as an extension of its food-manufactory, the second in a bank branch as a unique joint project with MagNet Bank Hungary – the country’s first and still the only community bank. Both bistros were operating along Agri Kulti’s social and […]